Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bulletin Message from KRS-One

Date: May 21, 2006 6:33 PM

If you featured anything about Hip Hop Appreciation Week in your so called "Hip Hop" magazine then prove you aint one of these fake magazines like The Source! and let the Temple know what your really doing to promote Hip Hop Awareness. Let the real journalists rise up and BREAK THE CHAINS! only 2 magazines out of 34,000 people responded to this post, we will display their name within a few days.

Here is a question that bothers me about you so called Hip Hop magazines. You went to school, learned about grammar and spelling, you write that Hip Hop is a Culture, but you spell Hip Hop like this (hip hop) that is total disrespect! You wouldn't spell African or Mexican without capitols why would you be-little our Culture by spelling it this way? You Must Learn! respect my Culture and capitalize Hip Hop.


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The FLY PAPER promoted HHAW on pages in the MAY issue. The FLY PAPER helped with an all age event at Jones Commercial High School for HHAW. The FLY PAPER provided trophies for the youth battle for HHAW. The FLY PAPER will also carry an article reflecting on the events of HHAW in the June issue. The FLY PAPER has been CHAINless since 1991.

The FLY PAPER, in particular, BboyB has been trying to get in touch with KRSONE for some time now. I am running the edutainment part of the National Hip Hop Political Convention in Chicago, and would like to talk details to get the Teacha involved. Is there anyway I can reach KRS directly?

BboyB the Hiphop preservationist
ABC Feds Fly Paper Zulu Nation HipHop Congress-Chi Rep


I am doing it.
I do appreciate Hip-Hop being my life and I encourage others to appreciate as well.
Look at my past bulletins,if you wish to see.
Take care,

Caroline Ramos
Kairos Magazine




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