Monday, November 20, 2006

Kramer The Klansman

I am so tired of these stupid fawkers. Listen, if you’re a comedian, you have a time and a way to use the N word in your skit and not start a riot. I don't know why you REALLY need to say it, but you can. It's done all the time.

I was talking to my homie K-Beats the other day, about how when you watch Def Comedy Jam, all the comedians start their set off with a joke about white people in the crowd and how most of the jokes are not that funny. You would think some one would start off a set with something a little more original but at least they keep the racial slurs out (When referring to anyone other than themselves that is. That's another topic all together)

What that Frankenstein looking monster Kramer did is the exact opposite times 10!

Michael Richards blew up on stage at a heckler and threw out the N word more than NWA did in their first song. He was walking around looking like his meds were clashing with each other, rambling because someone in the crowd didn't like his stale ass jokes. Then he tried to explain it, talking 'bout "Well you interrupted me, that's what you get when you interrupt me?' Ohhhh...ok..when you interrupt Kramer, the Klansman in him comes out. That's catchy actually, Kramer the Klansman. He should use it, he could do another TV show with it, him and Mel Gibson both play themselves, literally and physically. They are both very good at it.

If Richards was a funny comic, he might have been able to flip it on the heckler, who didn’t really say anything more insulting than "You suck, your washed up". Instead, he just flipped.

See for yourself, the video is at, and probably up on YouTube by now.

The hell with Michael Richards. The only reason he was funny on Seinfeld was because he was a stooge, what with all his falling down, making faces, and his stolen Moe, Larry, Curly and Shemp bits, goof ball, style of comedy. The guy was a dick then and not much has changed since. It was clear that he was not joking around or amused at the Laugh Factory. He totally lost control of himself and the TRUE Mr. Richards came out, in full center stage light. Fuck you Kramer. Fuck you while hanging upside down, with forks sticking out your azz. How's that?!? Somebody should have spit on him.

(--Going to break all my Seinfeld DVDs--)