Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Really Really Good-Senatorial Slurring In-Kerry, Allen, Arza and more!

Nothing but really really good sweet sticky bits of blog blurbs for ya. Don’t forget to make those appointments for the dentist. Might as well do some preventative maintenance since this years candy harvest was such a hit! If you were out in the streets with the kids last night, sit back and catch up with the latest news and links, from your favorite b-boy blogger El Q as we get ready to hit the voting booth...maybe. I would hate to be called a bad name and "subdued" by the local campaing team leader.  Don't laugh, it could happen.  Read on for the low down.

Senatorial Slurring In

The Race is On!  Race in politics is the topic of the day.  All you have to do is take a glance at the news and you’ll find the latest racial slur, spit out fresh for the headlines, from the mouth of the guy you’re about to vote for!  (maybe)   Is it really that hard for politicians not to use racial slurs?  I can understand drunken entertainers, but if you're in office, you are supposed to be a little smarter than that, no? It's amazing how many politicians are slipping up lately.  Read on and don't forget to vote for you favorite pouty mouth!  Here’s a short list of the recent offenders.

Mitt Romney and Mel Gibson: An Unlikely Pair from John Guilfoil at

N-WORD HAS NO PLACE IN POLITICS from the Niagara Falls Reporter

Old Racial Comments Hurt Candidates by Erin Texeira from

Barreiro: Arza curses, reuses N-word in call from Miami Herald

Fl. Lawmaker  Ralph Arza quits after racial remarks


You gotta love this picture. Rep. Frank Peterman looks like he really wants to say something to Arza.  Leave your best captions in the comments section!


John Kerry is catching some heat regarding Iraq and the military.  He has apologized but it may be too late.

Who is Senator George Allen?

Heckler Subdued at George Allen Event 

Project Vote Smart - Senator Allen - Biography 

GOP Senator George Allen's Sister Documents Her Brother's Bully Tactics: "He Saw Dentistry As A Perfect Profession - Getting Paid To Make People Suffer"-from The Huffington Post 

Senator Allen: Are you a racist? from Calling All Wingnuts 

George Allen makes demeaning comments

~Personally….I never heard of the word macaca. Whatever it is, I’m sure he isn’t saying it in the cool, down way…you know, like the way people try to get away with the N word by throwing the G in there real hard..I don’t think George put any cool C’s in there..

-Speaking of Cool C…

cool cCool C Given Date for Execution-this is an older post from Cool C was given a stay of execution but I’m not sure if there have been any updates on his case. When I do, you’ll be the first to know so stay tuned.  If you’re not into hip-hop, you’ll have no clue of who Cool C is. Check the links to catch up on him and his musical past, but what I found amazing was the info on Lauretha Viard, the police officer he shot.


Lauretha was 43 years old and had served for 9 years. She was a single parent raising two sons. A song named Slipped Away, The Ballad of Lauretha Vaird was written in honor of the fallen officer.*There are still appeals pending in this case and the execution is not likely to take place on this date.

G- Love & Special Sauce MySpace page 


Cool C: Information from