Saturday, December 02, 2006

Weekend reads

Davey D is one of the true voices of hip-hop music. You can check his site, Breakdown FM for tons of interviews, and also add his MySpace page. Shouts to Shux One for the bulletin heads up for the "Hip Hop Responds to the Ongoing War on Terror-Police Terror" show. Listen in!

So the question as posed by the dejays during the game is if Booty is in the running for the Heisman? Good question, we'll see after today's major upset, as UCLA went on to win the heated rivalry. Check out their online show here.
Quote from LA Daily News
It's not a fad, but the naked truth. Between 1991 and '98, UCLA reeled off eight wins in a row. Then, starting in '99, USC has won the past seven, scoring twice as many points (276-138) and winning by an average of almost 20 points a game. USC holds the series edge, 41-27-7.
MP3 of the day
"Got Your Back" JhaVoice- Kayaro Records
Make sure you visit her MySpace page to hear the song, and download it here at! Look for her music at your favorite MP3 legal downloading sites!
Priceless Comment of the Day Award-Dawn
In her article Paris Hilton and Britney Spears Create Two-Headed Monster, "Sparis", she later comments on Britney's new promotional pictures that are circulating around the net. "A five o-clock shadow might look good on Brad Pitt, but on Britney's lady bits, well it's kind of revolting." Click the link to read the full story.