Friday, February 09, 2007

Some OG Ish- Gangsta Rap hits the silver screen

You know how we do my house shoes, sliding to the store. It ain't nothing but a gangsta party!

Ice T, Toddy T, King T, NWA. These names are synonymous with west coast gangsta.. rap. But all too often one groups name goes unmentioned. The group the genre was named after, Gangsta Rap. Gangsta Rap is comprised of Murder Mike, Du Rag and DJ Ballistics. In the mid to late eighties, Gangsta Rap ran the west coast underground with such classics as ..Fuck That Bitch.., ..Beat Yo.. Mamma With A Hammer.. and ..Spit Or Swallow... In the early nineties Gangsta Rap fell into obscurity after several run ins with the law, shady business management, failed comeback attempts and countless child custody cases. But now, back. They've just inked a deal with gangster rap powerhouse Innersounds Records and are the subject of a documentary film entitled Gangsta Rap: The Glockumentary.

The new movie Gangsta Rap:The Glockumentary looks more like a dis to gangsta rap as a whole. Like Fear of a Black Hat or CB-4, the plot follows a group of rap artists as they struggle with the music business. The film features well known comedians, and rappers such as Too Short, Howie Bell, Schuylar Harvey, and Gerald Johnson. The movie opens on March 2nd in LA. The feature-length comedy is independently released by Ill Ville Films/Big Business. Written and directed by Damon "Coke" Daniels. Stay tuned and check the website for more!

Gangsta Rap-The Glockumentary Website