Friday, April 08, 2011

Kayaro Records - "Learn To Learn"

JhaVoice - Soft Of Your Eyes

Looking For Sunset

Monday, October 25, 2010

JhaVoice covers "Learn To Learn" by Paul Levinson! "Twice Upon A Rhyme" remix project in full swing!

One of our works in progress here at Kayaro, is revamping the classic alternative folk album "Twice Upon a Rhyme" by Paul Levinson with Ed Fox and Peter Rosenthal. The album was independently release in 1972 on Happy Sad Records. The album got some airplay and attention at the time, but didn't manage to break out into the mainstream. Slowly it began to become a collectors favorite, as it had a very limited original pressing.  The strong writing and psychedelic vibes of the albums made it a fan favorite as time went on.

"Twice Upon A Rhyme" has now been re-released on Big Pink/Beatball Records as a mini-CD, with three bonus tracks! There are even more releases planned, and Kayaro Incorporated is getting in the mix! Our upcoming revisions are on the way!! JhaVoice has finished three songs of the album so far and Q.Rock is busy behind the boards, with genre busting tracks lined up! Here is a sneak peak at an early favorite, "Learn 2 Learn"!  Visit Paul's MySpace page to hear more of the original album, and stay tuned for more news on the project! Twice Upon A Rhyme: Paul Levinson 

Twice Upon a Rhyme by Paul Levinson With Ed Fox And Peter .. on ITUNES


Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Freedom"-JhaVoice- Kayaro Records

JhaVoice is back with a new single, now available online everywhere! "Freedom" is a upbeat groove, supported by Dekastro's production and the musical styling of Jonathan Dadis and X-Man. The single is the first of several releases planned for JhaVoice!

Dedicated to freedom fighters and women worldwide!

Single is available online now! Type Freedom-JhaVoice in iTunes Music Store!

"A Couple Of Days"-Kinetic Source (Urban Avant Garde-Live At The Nuyoric...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I have no secrets!

I hear you sister!!

ANORAAK - °Above Your Head° video

Watch/share the video for Anoraak's latest single °Above Your Head° from his forthcoming album
'Wherever The Sun Sets'

NOTE: Do not adjust your screens! Above Your Head was shot by accliamed director/artist Milosh Luczynski. Shot in 360° with 8 cameras, so theoratically it should be screened in 360° but still looks amazing once you embed onto sites.

DOWNLOAD MP3 'Above Your Head'


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kayaro!

Welcome my brothers and sisters, I hope your feeling good! If not, you will be by the time your done reading this little blog post. I really don't like to brag, but if I don't tell you about the wonderful world of Kayaro, who else will? Besides, I am not only the owner of Kayaro Records, I am a fan. I love all the music that I have had the chance to share, help create or simply listen to on my little indie that could! We are feverishly planning new releases and setting up alliances nationwide. Look forward to another busy year from us here at Kayaro and stay tuned for future annoucements!

For now, take a look at some of our previous projects below, we have our hands in everything from music to journalism, with podcasts, mixtapes, YouTube videos, music reviews and more! Dig in!

"They stay.. all the corner doing absolutely day..the revolution come and everybody running!!!"---JhaVoice






Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome to The Cyber Mix Video Tape!

Check out our latest endeavor, as we begin to prep The Cyber Mix Video Tape, our upcoming video channel, on! We will be uploading tons of videos in the upcoming weeks, and hope to stock our new video show with everything from music, sports, news, documentaries, viral videos and more!

Take a look at the early version, as the channel is now up! We will give it a real premier once we have uploaded enough videos and have mastered our live web cam. Until then, enjoy the early show at Kayaro!

(Click on the volume to hear the audio!!!)