Sunday, January 02, 2005

Two Double Oh Five!

Sports Update!
It's a good thing I didn't place bets this week. I would have got clobbered like Dr. Doom fighting the Thing! (By the way, the Fantastic Four movie is on the way kiddies!! Look for my "Saturday Morning Cartoons, Fruity Pebbles and Cherry Kool Aid" post coming soon)

Heres the breakdown..

My picks Final score

Eagles over the Bengals--- Cin-38: Phil-10---Huh?

Green Bay over Chicago Green Bay 31: Chicago 14. That's more like it.

Vikings over Redskins Wash 21: Minn 18--- I don't know what to say about this one. Washington has scored over 21 points only 3 times this whole season. This was the third.

Baltimore over Miami Baltimore 30: Miami 23 "Just like I figured"

Detroit over Tennessee Ten 24: Detriot 19 What the hell? The Titans lose all season and win today? Go figure. I love the Titans so a win is a win. See ya'll next season. I'll holler!

Jets over Rams St. Louis 32: NYJ 29 That was a good game..I was trying to sleep, as I work nights on the weekends, but I had to get up and watch this one. I thought we had them a few times, but it don't matter...J-E-T-S- JETS,JETS, JETS!! LET'S GO TO SAN DIEGO!!! It may not be a pretty way to get in the playoff, but at least we are in there.

Panthers over Saints NO 21 :Car. 18 Yeah yeah yeah Frat, I know. Why did I bet against your boys. Admit it, Carolina should have had this game in the bag. It has been a wacky season.

Steelers over Bills Pitt 29 :Buff 24 My boss went to Buffalo for this game. At least he got to see a good one. It was a close one tho', but imagine if the Steelers would have had their starters in. It would have been much worse!

New England over San Fran NE. 21:S.F. 9 You have to know that NE are going all the way again this year. No doubt about it.

Seattle over Atlanta Seattle 28:Atlanta 26 Damn, yet another close game. Warrick Dunn must be mad as hell, missing that 2 point conversion. So close. Seattle looks good, but they ain't all that. Dallas did it to them for crying out loud...and speaking of Dallas.

NY got the win over America's Team, Eli proves that he ain't no "trick baby" and dumb NY Giants fans can feel a little better about their over hyped team! "Die Hard NY Giants fans=New Yorkers who know nothing about football!" (that's a quote from a friend, I won't say who becasue NY Giant fans can be violent too!)

What a week! I don't think anyone covered the point spreads so it was a wrap this week. But exciting nontheless. Who's going to the Super Bowl for the tailgate party? (About all I can afford!)

It’s a new year and right out the gate, there are more than enough issues to discuss.
I came across this article, “Giant Tsunami Strikes and Bush Goes AWOL for 3 Days” by Ralph Nader at his site It’s a must read!

Man of The Year!

Also at, a link to an editorial piece at the Capital Times on Barack Obama and why he should be the man of year, and not son of a Bush.

WTF? Quote of the day:

Apart from the huge death toll,” Seth Mydans reported for the Times (using a version of the aside-from-that-Mrs.-Lincoln construction), “it was the presence of large numbers of foreign tourists that distinguished this disaster from the many floods and typhoons that take a heavy toll in the region every year.”

Although Christmas is over, I really want this for my apartment!

Business is the move, in case you don’t know yet. They have quite a few good linked article that you should check out!


Preview Nas’ new CD “Street Disciple”.....NOT!!!

Ok, I have to speak on this. There is a website I found out there, They have tons of music online, that you can listen to for free. So I thought it would be cool to post a few of their links once in a while. Then they posted a link to a similar site or something like that. They had the hookup for the Nas CD.

Anyway, they both shut down, because of people "leeching" off their site. I know they ain't talking about me. If you are, check this out homie. I post your links, because I'm trying to big you up. You got some fly sh!t that I want to show my people, and I always say where I get the links from. You should stop tripping and post that stuff. The people deserve to hear your low-bandwidth copies of Nasir's new album, Ray Charles collections, or Pantera and Clutch CDs. Don't hate is all I'm saying. Spread love duke. Post that sh!t already! Now when you click on the link, it takes you to their server's main site, like that is a way to make friends online. Whatever, if you don't wanna play nice with the rest of us, F' you, get off the playground. Your songs sounded like doo doo anyway.

Big up to my boy Kenzi Butler who is rocking the mohawk! I just cut my George Jefferson Afro....gotta let it grow out and get the Mr. T!

And with that, I'm out.