Thursday, January 06, 2005

Wide World of Hip-Hop

The new hip hop movement has begun. Just in time for the Game CD release!
"It's time to strip the 'authentic' label off rap"-Stanley Crouch
"Take BackThe Music" article in Essence

Over at HipHop-Blogs, Hashim has a post about the article Greg Tate wrote in the the latest Village Voice. Greg is a veteran in the game, and has contributed some insightful articles in the past. In his latest piece, "Hip Hop Turns 30", Greg goes on to discuss the current state of affairs in hip-hop. Hashim disagrees with him on a few points. Personally, I'm to much of a Gemini to totally take any side of the issue. There are good points on both sides, but I don't really expect to hear political messages in music. Sometimes I want to hear Lil Jon, some times I want to hear Common. But I hate when rappers try to do both, talk about their bitches and G-packs while starting the revolution. It's confusing. Read the articles for yourself.
Came across some funny hip-hop tidbits while webslinging. Gotta love hip-hop. Check out SOHH forums for some funny shiznit!
Hilary Duff rolling with Dip Set
Nas-"These Are Our Heros"
Ras Kass interview at
It’s about to go down! I told you that Bush’s win in Ohio was fishy. Don’t believe me? Read the following articles.,0,1335379.story?coll=ny-leadnationalnews-headlines
Audio picks

Sound Ink – “Monday Night At Fluid
King Honey featuring MF Doom Kurious and King Ghidra

Goapele- “Closer video
I'm outta here. Your boy is coming down with the flu and I'm behind on papers and essays so I'll probably won't post for a few days.