Sunday, June 05, 2005

Just Another Day in LA

Dodger Stadium
7:10 pm
I finally caught my first ballgame on the westside. The Dodgers played the Brewer and came through with a win! I got great seats at the last minute for like 5 bucks! Dodgers had two back to back homers that got the noise level up in the stadium. JD Drew and Jeff Kent hit homers back to back for the second time in a week, pitchers D.J. Houlton and Eric Gagne had good days on the mound. When Antonio Perez and manager Jim Tracy were ejected from the game, it got a little hectic. The ref blew it but in the end it didn't matter. Final score Dodgers 2-Brewers 1.

The Comedy Store
The MTV Movie Awards had the streets of LA buzzing. Sunset was busy as usual but we decided to flip the script and check out some comedy. Dave Chappelle did the surprise appearance thing a few nights ago here and at The Comedy Improv and I was hoping for lighting to strike twice. So we decided to check it out. Jeff Richards from SNL was headlining in the main room but we chilled in the original room to check out Sergio Love. Do yourself a favor and catch his act! Dude is crazy! His LA pimps on rollerblades bit had me rotflmao! Rusty is another comic you should check out, his Michael Jackson Freddy Krugar bit is crazy!

So we had some drinks, laughed our asses off, and bounced into the Hollywood night. Enabeler #1 got the call from homebase telling us to get home ASAP! Someone was throwing a BIG party on our roof!

0300 am
Don't you love it when you come home and a top name DJ is playing on your roof with like 300 headz dancing!

We pull up and can tell something big is jumpin off. Cars were lined up for at least two blocks up and down Hill Street. If your from LA, you know it's dead downtown at 3 am, unless your close to a club or a party. We pull into the garage, catch the freight elevator to the roof and bam!
Crazy roof party jumping off! On the wheels of steel, Cut Chemist doing the damn thing! Red Stripe all around, fireworks, the whole nine. We had no idea anything was planned. This is actually the second time this week this happened. Someone had a party on the floor below us last night but I passed on it. This one was tight. I dont know who threw it but will let you know, as we WILL do it again very soon. Stay tuned.

Song pick of the day
Cut Chemist Suite-Ozomatli