Monday, June 06, 2005

We have all been tasered before, it's not that bad

I swear I really don't like cops. I would say I hate them but I save that emotion for those who really deserve it! If there is an emotion just one notch above hate, then that's the emotion cops pull out of me almost everytime I hear a story about them or see them screwfacing me at a traffic light(Yeah I got NY plates in Cali ....WHAT!!!).

This clip is a bit old now, but if you have not seen it yet, click on the title for clip. Cops taser a woman. Why? Because she refused to get out of her car and her license was suspended. The cop say she took "a swing" at them, like a 90 pound female is a big threat. If my girlfriend hits me in the head with a frying pan because I went to the strip club with my boys, I can't do anything about it. If a woman even looks like she is going to swing on a cop...HE CAN HIT HER BACK WITH THE TASER! Then the cop tries to get her to stop crying and says, "The worst part is over, we have all been tasered before, it's not that bad." OK Officer, thanks for that.

All because she wouldn't get out of the car. And why wouldn't she get out of the car? It's the cops for criss sakes. Cops are known for losing their cool and doing stuff like taser a young girl, shoot a unarmed man to death, spray a slow moving car and half the neighborhood with automatic gunfire only to find out they are shooting the wrong car, stick plungers up peoples butts for NO apparent reason other than being on some raging psycho gay butt pirate kick, get drunk and run over and kill pregnant women and children, etc, etc. (Don't make me find all the links to the incidents I mentioned. They DO exist!!)

And if your black? Let me tell you something...If I'm riding clean and a cop pulls me over and ask me to get out of my car, and I know I didn't do anything, I'm hitting speed dial on the cell and calling my lawyer before I open the door.

F The Police....and stop calling me asking for donations, it's not happening. EVER! Later One Time, I'll see you on Sunset!