Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Movement of Jah People-Chapter 20:Verses 3-17

Found this site online that has essay on all thing related to the issue of the Ten Commandments display. They also try to analyze the Commandments and show when they clash with the US Constitution. Very interesting site for those interested in such things.

Quote from the essay on the first five Commandments:

The Israelites were to worship only Jehovah. As in many other passages of the Hebrew Scriptures, other (Pagan) gods are assumed to exist, but are not to be worshipped.

As a purely religious document for Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, it is fine. But if posted as a guide for the behavior of students in a public school, it is much more problematic:

Oh yeah, I messed up that last post's title big time. Technically it should be Two and Eight, not One, fyi.

Check the links.

Did you watch "The Passion Of The Christ"? You may have sinned in the process. (shame, shame, shame!)

But isn't this a sin too?

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