Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Numbers One and Eight!

What a week it has been. On top of all the regular chores and maintainence that the day job requires (website re-designs, calling tech support and waiting for hours on TWO phones) I am backed up with homework (online SUNY student plotting a USC transfer over here!) and still writing reviews from two weeks ago. To add to this abominable mountain, we have guest at the compound. So it is hectic to say the least. Regardless, the show goes on! Anyway I could not let another day go by without posting this one.....

It was a historical day at the Supreme Court last Monday, as multiple rulings had the world talking, the internet buzzing, and the faithful praying. The first major blow came in the form of a somewhat Solomon like decision regarding the display of the Ten Commandments in certain public places. It seems that it will remain in some areas while others are to be removed if they hold a clear, religious message. This is, of course, in direct opposition of the U.S. Constitution’s stance on separation of church and state. The mixed decision brought more mixed judicial responses as well.

Lower court cases regarding the Ten Commandments saw rulings in favor of removing the monuments from public venues. While in another case, regarding a monument in Texas, The Supreme Court ruled that the monument in question had a “predominantly secular message”, and it was allowed to remain. The issue will continue to debated from the streets of America clear to the highest courts for years to come.

Not done making history, the Supreme Court also ruled in cases regarding intellectual property, a highly prized win for the majors in the entertainment industry. The Court ruled against Grokster, saying that companies can be charged for copyright infringement. Grokster may have shot itself in the foot when it promoted it’s services early on, promoting and encouraging file sharing. They are just the latest in the line of file swapping giants to fall under the stiff arm of the law.

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If you want to get your paralegal on, click the link below for the court’s opinions on the cases.

(ps…First Commandment: Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Eight Commandment: Thou shall not steal. Not for nothin’, it seems kinda when you think about it…monument=idols….P2p file sharing=stealing….don’t do it….I’ll work on the downloading thing.)