Friday, July 08, 2005

Day of Dread

Sometimes it’s really creepy how things happen to coincide. After posting my “Rockers” DVD review at, I finally found a minute to check some of the extended features out. One part in particular, bugged me out a bit.

Theodoros Bafaloukos, the writer and director of”Rockers”, was giving commentary on the scene between “Horsemouth” and Burning Spear. Listen to what he says, and then consider the coincidences behind my writing this bit.

I started writing the “Rockers” review last week, but posted it on my site Monday, and then on BC on July 6th. I actually got to hear the commentary bit the next day, July 7th.

We all know what happened in London yesterday. I expected to hear all kinds of good conspiracy theories behind the date, but had no idea how close to home the theory would hit.

Here are some more links on the topic! I am not the leader of the conspiracy theory cult. I am intrigued however, at how eerie close some of these “prophesies” come to our modern day reality. I look forward to responses on this one. (The audio link is temporary, so listen while you can!)

Theodoros Bafaloukos speaking on July 7th, (after you click the link, scroll down to choose FREE)

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