Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Zzyzx Road

A few shots from the Vegas trip~

Vegas at Dawn!

Live from the Luxor Hotel

"You scurvy shyster bastard! Watch your language!
You're talking to a Doctor of Journalism!"

Bellagio Hotel & Resort
Amazing hotel/casino with very freindly Blackjack tables! Enablers up $175 in 20 minutes! Party time!

Bellagio Lobby ceiling

"No point mentioning these bats, I thought.
The poor bastard will see them soon enough....."

Rio Hotel and Resort was amazing as well! The Voodoo Cafe and Lounge on the roof is too much to pass up! Do yourself a favor and hit this one up!

Body English at the Hard Rock was off the meter as expected! Nicole's man aka DJ AM, wasn't on the decks, but whoever was holding the DJ booth down did his thing! Big shouts to Jay Symns for the extra door passes. Good looking out!

That it for now. See you at the Magic Convention!


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