Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Alex Gold "Back From A Break' CD Review

International dance music heavyweight Alex Gold is umm….back. That may
not be a funny joke considering all he has been through. The Ibiza
heavyweight is in full form after recovering from a near fatal paragliding accident in 2002 that did major damage to his spinal cord. (Note to self..cancel next month’s skydiving trip ASAP!!) He says the time he spent recovering helped inspire this CD. The emotion that is packed into these tracks is undeniable as the CD is strong and filled with club bangers! Here’s the ….break…down.

  1. “Back From A Break”- The title tracks opens up
    with a bang! Driving electro break beats pound the floor as AG gets
    open and rips this track early! Alex Gold is back folks!

  2. String Theory” A nice airy track more along
    the line of what your used to from AG. Vocals by Kelly Jones
    help send this one to heaven! Nice tune!

  3. “Energy Bomb” – Block rocking beats set it off
    on this one. Kelly Jones transforms into energy and sends low
    currents of raw power though the mic.

  4. “Stranded In Paradise” I hate it when that
    happens. Good thing I have a soundtrack for the event now. (Good looking
    out AG) Coming to your radio soon. Mark Sales seals the deal
    on this one.

  5. “Foreign Shore” – Another radio ready hit! Kelly
    Jones floats on the choppy beats and begs you not to take her from her
    foreign shore. If the shore in question is Ibiza, I can see why she doesn’t
    want to leave!

  6. “Flying”Phil Jonston joins the party
    and flies with this one. Downbeat poppy jam that is a new move for AG.
    Not bad.

  7. “Who Decides” – That’s what I’m talking about.
    Four on the floor wins every time and this one is no exception. A big tune
    with Phil Jonston helping out on the vocals. “Next week, we could all
    beeeeeeeeee………….” Nice one!

  8. “Electric Places” – Another club banger! This
    one is massive folks! Kelly Jones does the damn thing lovely on this
    one! Real big!

  9. “Better Dayz” – The CD just keeps building
    energy with this one. Phil brings the harmonies to the songs and wishes for
    better dayz.

  10. “LA Today” – Does this sound like U2 2U 2?
    Regardless, it’s the sh!t! This one is dedicated to my new hometown, LA, so
    you gotta love it for that alone! Featuring lead vocals from Phil Oakey
    from the Human League, this is a massive track!

  11. “You’re The One” - Uptempo beats come in to
    close this disc out. Kelly Jones check in one last time. Sexy close
    out track to the heat packing CD!

Final Verdict-Alex Gold “Back From A Break” CD=International Club Hit!

Cop that!