Monday, August 01, 2005

Backstage at Rock The Bells, Pt 1

Backstage at Rock The Bells pt 1

What's up party people. Rock The Bells was incredible, hot and hectic. Shouts to Chang and everyone involved in the show, and sorry to Alex at MSOR for all the calls. (Everything worked out!) I hit the outdoor arena with the crew around 7 o'clock. A bad move being the show started at 11 am. I soon realized that I was faced with a major problem. Either split up with the crew to get my "press and photo passes" which were at the other side of the arena, or stay with the crew and get some major shots with them and who knows who else. The way security was acting, I didn't think that I would be able to get backstage without them, so I hung out and waited for the Wu to hit the stage. I missed all of the major performances, Nas, Redman, Living Legends, someone brought KRS-One on stage, and God knows what else. Yeah, I was heated but what are you going to do?

All was not lost tho' as I got some nice shots and some backstage video performances. Check these shots out, more on the way! What's up with the Wu-Tang Clan show in the fall?!? More to come soon!

Mikah 9 (Freestyle Fellowship) and Prodigal Sunn (Sunz Of Man)

Guru (Gangstarr) & Prodigal Sunn talking to the cameras

Mikah 9(of Freestyle Fellowship) says what up while Guru catches up
with old friends in the back!(What up DJ Woool, I see you in the back!)

Producers B-Original and K-Beats backstage at Rock The Bells, smiling for the

Tash from the mighty Liquid Crew says what up! (Ripped it onstage with

Steady Bootleggin! Crooked Timbos courtesy B-Original!

Talib Kweli and Makeba Mooncycle backstage after Talib's

VIDEO TEASER- PRODIGAL SUNN AND GURU BACKSTAGE AT ROCK THE BELLS-sorry for the low lighting.........more on the way, videos too.................................................................