Saturday, September 10, 2005

Judge D “No Compromize” CD review

You may not have heard of Judge D before, but after you hear his sophomore release “No Compromize”, you’ll be telling everyone you know to look out for this cat. The CD is a perfect audio backdrop for the cover, as Judge D stands in front of what looks like an army of state police ready to shut him down. The back of the CD cover, shows the millions who stand behind him, ready to ride for the cause.

It may sound like just another loud, rock and roll party going on, but if you listen closely, you might hear the revolution behind the beats. There is a strong message in the music, and if you get it, you’re with it! This one is for the b-boys, metal heads, and music lovers of all tribes! It doesn’t hurt that Judge D represents his tribe as well, that of course being Navajo and Cherokee. He calls on all to hear his message and only the deaf will ignore it from here on.

Judge D gets some help from some of his Suburban Noize labelmates and friends, as we get guest spots from Daddy X, Tech N9ne, D-Loc, Big B, who is getting major these days with his spots on the new show "Inked" on A&E, and many more. Standout cuts on this one, imho, are "Voicez", "Powertrippin", and the ill intro "No Compromize".

The Rundown

1. No Compromize –intro cut sets it off and lets you know who you’re dealing with. Banging into cut!
2. Survive-
3. Just Remember-
4. Voicez (Featuring Tech N9ne)-Tech N9ne joins in and helps JD bang this track out! Top choice with another stand-out performance from Tech N9ne!
5. I Don’t Wanna Die (Featuring J. Richter and Big B)
6. Roll Call (Featuring Dirtball)
7. Kronik (Featuring J. Richter) Judge D breaks out the bag, and J. Richter joins the session.
8. We D.G.A.F. (Featuring Chucky Styles)
9. Powertrippin (Featuring Daddy X)-Kottonmouth King Daddy X steps to the mic and rips it with JD. Should do well on radio! Sike!!! Play it anyway, if you aint skerrrd!! Another PAL favorite.
10. Souljaz Story (feat. Richter) Another tight track featuring J. Richter!
11. Interview
12. Gangsta -Banger! This one goes out to the power structure of America! The real gangstas!
13. Seize Fire
14. Get There -Another solid cut from Judge D, great for radio.
15. The X-Cape

Final Verdict = “No Compromize” = No question, no doubt! Judge D’s got something to say and you should listen! COP THAT!! IN STORES SEPT 13th!!! Stay tuned for tour info.
*Hear the entire "NO COMPROMIZE" CD on Monday Sept 12 @ 4:20pm pst on with Judge D telling about each song and what inspired him to write them!

***If you buy Judge D’s CD at the Suburban Noize website, you can also buy Judge D’s first CD, "Judgement Time", for $5.00!!***