Monday, September 05, 2005

We Can Dance If We Want To!

Peace party people!

Hope your weekend was great! Holidays always seem to leave me more tired than before. I end up cramming a months load of activites into a 3 day weekend. So today, I'm recharging the batteries, and cleaning out the emails.

~Did I mention that I have a poem published in "IMG Magazine"? It's a new online magazine, I believe they are going to print soon, but don't quote me on that. Anyway, my poem, "The Pen"was posted here many moons ago, and can be seen at their website. Check the link below for more.

~Props to DJ 3rd I ( for the slamming Line Of Sight pool party this weekend. Peace to eveyone I met and chilled with. Much love to the skinny dipping females in the hot tub/pool, and shame on the skinny dipping dudes for fucking it up for the rest of us. Big shouts to Jesse at Intellegence Records, I&I, and Kasper, Subterranean Network, and everyone that hung out with me while I ran my marathon DJ set. Can't wait for the next one!

~I'm trying to read this book, "Get Your Own Damn Beer, I'm Watching The Game" by Holly Robinson Peete. Trying my best. I have sooo much on my plate but I'm skimming through it. Much more later but here are some links on it.

~Random sites

Pay Pal Sucks

Quote Collection blog

SeeingGreene -News & stuff about Greene County NY


LA Artist Series

Threshold has the video to the new Motion Man single "Confidence". Major track!

Random sounds-

Burning Brides

Peedi Crack & Indy 500 Ft Sandtana - Black Gangsta

:: WNYU Freestyle w/ Poison Pen, Immortal Technique and RhymeFest (

Lil Boosie - Animosity

Young Jeezy-Go Crazy(remix)

Big shouts to Dennis and Steve at They have live live show footage from the Prodigal Sunn show and the GZA show, both at The Knitting Factory. Check it out below.

In case you didn't know, Wu Tang has a list of tons of videos that are by The Clan or affilated memebers of the Clan. These are direct downloads so the files are huge and take forever, but worth it when you get to watch one of your favorite Killer Bee video.