Sunday, April 09, 2006

A lil' taste..

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Here are a few mp3s for you from the crew! Check out the new tracks from singer/songwriter Jha Voice, sure to be a international star! With recent radio spins on KPFK and recent performances in Los Angeles venues, she is sure to be one of your favorite new artist this year!

I have also posted a few lo-fi underground hip-hop songs that I am working on! DJs, make sure you give a few of the mp3s a spin and holla back at me with comments and feedback! With styles from hip-hop, r&b/new soul and dance, you shouldn't have a hard time finding a set to add them too!

Groups, producers and artists, let's work! Promoters and venues, send me an email about your company! Holla back at your boy Q, pass the letter along, add the artist to your MySpace accounts, and enjoy!


Myspace Layouts, Myspace Codes, Myspace Graphics

MP3S-- are stored on You File and Rapid Share!! If you have
any problems with the downloads, email me for an alternate link.

"Why Do We Kill" - Jha Voice produced by Kaiu

"Forever"- Jha Voice produced by Kaiu

"The Day"- Jha Voice produced by Kaiu

"Same Ole Song"

- Jha Voice feat. Q.Rock639 - produced by K-Beats

"Embryonic Beginnings"-Jha Voice produced by Kaiu

"Voice To Sing" - Jha Voice produced by K-Beats

"MySpace Freestyle Promo"
-Jha Voice, K-Beats and Q.Rock639

"Nocturnal Rhyme Emmissions"- Q.Rock639

All U Can Do Is Stare -Q.Rock639

"My Stereo" -Q.Rock639

"The Basics" -Q.Rock639

"Dreamz" - D.M.R.S. -dance track

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