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Really Reall Good: Cooley High!

What you know about that? Another batch of goodness from your favorite uncle, El Q. The message for today post is trust. You can always trust in you Uncle Q to come through with nothing but the really realness. Got to make sure all my people everywhere are happy, stress free, safe and sound. That’s how I get down, and you already know the scope, don’t lose hope! Its crunch time party people, turn the volume up and let the bass drop!


RIP Proof

"D12 Rapper 'Proof' Killed - video" from

"Proof - Gurlz Wit Tha Boom" video from

Details In Proof Shooting Emerge As Police, Second Victim's Family Speak Out

Bouncer Questioned in Rapper Proof's Death

Eminem pays tribute to his slain 'best friend' Proof

Eminem's tribute to dead friend

Op-Ed piece--In Proof's death, the medium was the sad message-

Proof joins a lengthening list of murdered rappers

Cooley High!
~Plotting His Next Big Break-Eric Monte was a successful Hollywood writer before losing it all. Now, on a laptop in a shelter, he's got projects waiting to be pitched.
By John L. Mitchell, LA Times Staff Writer

taken from the story::
But almost from the start, Monte says, the "Good Times" plots were laced with stereotypical images and dialogue written by white writers who didn't understand black life.The show's stars, John Amos and the late Ester Rolle, fought with producers over the show's emphasis on their TV son, Jimmie Walker's character J.J., with his toothy grin, bug-eyed antics and trademark catchphrase: "DY-NO-MITE."

"The writers would prefer to put a chicken hat on J.J. and have him prance around saying 'DY-NO-MITE,' and that way they could waste a few minutes and not have to write meaningful dialogue," said Amos, who added that he was ultimately fired from the show for being too outspoken.Monte says he left the show when production began on 1975's "Cooley High," an autobiographical film he wrote in an attempt to dispel myths about growing up in the projects.

"I grew up in the Cabrini-Green housing project and I had one of the best times of my life, the most fun you can have while inhaling and exhaling," he says. In the final scene of his bittersweet tale about a group of high school friends coming of age, the lead character, Preach, stands at the edge of his best friend's open grave, twists the cap off a cheap bottle of wine and pours a few drops on the ground "for the dudes who ain't here." He takes a swig, bids farewell and heads to Hollywood to become a successful screenwriter.Todd Boyd, professor of critical studies at USC's School of Cinema and Television, calls "Cooley High" a "great movie."

"No one had seen anything like this imagination of black characters," he said. "It captured the black experience from a particular time in a way that very few other black films have done."A year later, "What's Happening!!," a sitcom loosely based on "Cooley High," aired on ABC. Monte was given credit as creator but says he received no money. He filed a lawsuit seeking $400 million from ABC, CBS and the producers of "Good Times," "The Jeffersons" and "What's Happening!!"

Eric Monte Uncut interview at jimi

Great interview by Mark Skillz with Eric Monte (Good Times, Cooley High, The Cosby Show, etc)

"It's funny, fresh, and funky!!"- Whats Happening commercial-Real file
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-Killah on the Road-Ghostface returns to the streets — and his own inner weirdo — on Fish Scale By HADLEY TOMICKI-LA

"The frenzied discipline of his staccato cadence and plaintive pleas held the raised-fist crowd at the House of Blues teetering on ecstatic explosion. A lover as much as a killah, Ghost packed the stage with girls from the audience but strangely all but ignored material from his new album. Admittedly, his live energy held us rapt in a way the new CD attempts but falls ever so slightly short of matching. ...........

Pressing play on Fish Scale launches a breakneck journey across the Verrazano Bridge, over the Hudson, Ghostface driving with a lead foot. Killah hits the streets hard, churning up cocaine blues and gunblast-echoing cityscapes with furious lyrical style. The album’s first half bum-rushes the heavy expectations placed on Ghostface’s sophomore output for Def Jam, under the new Jay-Z presidency. Die-hard fans buy almost anything sporting a yellow W, but the family-affair dirty funk of “Dogs of War” and the flute-laced “Underwater” should be astonishing enough to woo young ears from the unimaginative flows of the latest Young Jeezy. (In “Underwater,” for example, Ghost finds spiritual communion with scriptural scholars, as well as “some mermaids with Halle Berry haircuts” and “Spongebob in the Bentley coup, bangin’ the Isleys . . .”) "

Full time jack moves-(Gimme that beat fool!)
-Art of has "F--- Touch It", the Dinco track dissing Busta Rhymes. The former Leaders of the New School spazzes out on Bus on this cut. Peep "F--- Touch It" it at the site! along with new cuts from MF Grimm, El Da Sensai, Ghostface and more!

-Check out "Ne-Yo - When You're Mad" Real Media Win Media over at Hip Hop! Not for nuthin', the mad face is sexy...sometimes....

-NEW LL COOL J "Control Myself" (featuring Jennifer Lopez) AUDIO::: Real file ///Windows

-Lupe-"Kick Push"

note to self: Gotta cop the longboard next time in Venice.....

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That damn T.I. goes hard..gotta remember to
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1. Bubba Sparxxx "Ms. New Booty" video view here
2. Three 6 Mafia & Bun B - Sippin on Sizzurp vs Grace Jones - Private Life (A-Trak remix) From The Rub - It's The Motherfucking Remix 2 CD-from The
3. Legalize It- Peter Tosh --(I heard about that weed comment…don’t be a hypocrite, do like Peter says!) -Real audio
4. "The One" Shabazz the Disciple - from Art Of
5. Styles P ft. Jadakiss"Shots Fired (50 Cent Diss)" Windows Media Real Player from
6. Karma-Alicia Keys
7. U Don't Know Me,-T.I. (dedication from the American working class and SS Reformers)
8. Ordinary People-John Legend(dedication from the Iraqi people to Mr. Bush) WMP video
9. Drop It Like It's Hot,-Snoop Dogg Featuring Pharrell--(Iraq war suggestion)WMP video
10. Soldier-Destiny's Child Featuring T.I. & Lil Wayne --(technically he is/was one)QT video

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