Thursday, December 16, 2004

Check 1 2 and ya don't stop

I posted this on Fresh To Death, another mighty fine blog out there defending the virtue of our fair maiden hip-hop. (I do love her so….)

We all know how much our beloved hip-hop has influenced damn near everything under the sun. Sometimes hip-hop has bitten the hand that feeds it by embarrassing us all, such as at the Vibe Awards or average sports star's freshman CD releases. Things like this make us shake our collective heads in disgust and feel like leaving hip-hop for spoken word(maybe). But every once in a while, something will make us proud to be B-Boys in our B-Boy stances. This is one of those times.

I heard this story about a week ago, but ran across it again and thought y'all deserved to read it if you haven't yet. In the Ukraine, a serious battle for power is going on. Many Ukrainians feel that they have witnessed a electoral theft that makes the Florida miscount look like a petty candy shoplifting spree. An entire movement has sprung up in opposition to the current president. So has an history making hip-hop song created by two forward thinking Russian musicians.

Razom Nas Bahato is all the hype in Ukraine. Sung totally in Ukrainian with a funky azz beat, the track really shows how far hip-hop has come and gone. Think about this for a second party people. A hip-hop song is the theme of a revolutionary movement, dedicated to overthrowing the ruling president and giving power to Yushchenko, a man who many feel was poisoned by the opposing party . Wow. Meanwhile in America, Bush is behind the wheel for another 4 years and we are still having blog wars and beefing over who won the Nas/Jay-Z battle. (tie, get over it)

Maybe Talib, Mos, and Pharaoh should have thought of that. I mean there were a gang of songs about Bush Sr and Jr (PE, Paris, Coup, Dead Prez) but nothing like this. If you love hip-hop, not only should you grab your d!ck and rub your t!tt!es right now, you should be wiping tears of joy out of your eyes and checking your English-Russian dictionary while banging this track. Check the links below for more info on this story. Hip-Hop F'ing Hooray!

The "Razom Nas Bahato MP3" is here..

Read these for more info:

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