Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Soccer sucks!

More goods from the internet.

~Nas- Bridging The Gap video
~This one is sure to make all my non-Christian (and some of my Christian) friends laugh….NOT!

In Sports

~“What did he think would happen?”:
Kobe is mad at The Mailman for ringing his bell twice! Kobe’s wife acts like she wasn't with it.

~Soccer is an ugly, racist, violent, mindless, stupid, gay azz sport anyway! F’ those backwards, slack jawed, dim witted, broke d!ck ,cavemen losers! I mean I understand that not everyone is going to be civilized and you will always have a few bad apples, but when and entire stadium starts booing and making monkey sounds, it doesn’t make you want to visit their “beautiful” (ie: stuck up,boring, bland food, bad driving, non English speaking) countries too soon. Makes me want to get on a plane and go to all the foreign soccer stadiums and do like my man did in Florida!

~At least this guy didn’t back out on his bet! You win some, you lose some, that how it goes. (Holla at me..I got M&N Throwbacks Jerseys 4cheap, 4real!!)

In other news:

~Fox is preparing to air a show that we already see on Maury, Montel and Jerry.

~When playing Scrabble, Hootchie and Crack Ho are words and count for points! I win!

~Here is a gift idea for the ladies. Thanks to April Wincell for the link.

I’m outta here like Kid’s high top fade!