Saturday, December 18, 2004

PSA From Canhead Records

..........A message from

Dear Backers,We don't want to overwhelm you with emails on this list, but we've got some exciting news! Tuesday night, an AP article about Turn Your Back on Bush went out over the wires.

It was picked up on Wednesday by over 50 newspapers around the country and was covered on NPR that morning. We've had a sudden surge in traffic to our website, and calls from other media have started pouring in.

You can see the AP article at the link below.We need to capitalize on this great exposure and build on it to spread the word. We're in talks with a progressive press relations collective to take on this piece of the organizing right now, but we need to raise $3,000 in the next 3 days to pay for this expense.

We're asking you to dig deep - this will be a huge step toward our goal to get tens of thousands of people out on January 20th. Please click on this link and make a donation now. (If you can afford it, a donation of $50 would go a long way toward our goal.)Link to the AP article on Turn Your

Back on Bush:,0,5208996.story?coll=sns-ap-politics-headlines

This publicity has already brought in 4 new State Organizers on Wednesday alone. If you haven't signed up to help organize your state, please check out

Thanks again,

The Turn Your Back on Bush Team
~Illuminati links of the day
I haven’t hit you with any of my “paranoia” links as of yet. Well guess what. That’s all about to change…..right…….NOW!

~In Sports:
In the NBA, some people think that after the dust has settled on the basketball “riot”, not much will be done to those charged. I tend to agree.

The Hip Hop Blog Fantasy Basketball League is getting interesting as my squad “Albany Hustlerz” find themselves in a heated battle with BlksRNaturalAthletes (seriously, that’s the name of the team I’m playing against now…don’t ask) I’m closing in on the Red Dust team, looking to take the number 8 spot.

Pittsburg plans on making a 2 game sweep of the New York teams as they prepare to enter the Meadowlands for lunch today. I think I heard Bettis and Staley fighting over who was gonna eat Manning’s food. Should be pretty messy.

Pray for my Jets people. Pray hard! Don’t bother praying for Tennessee. Even God can’t pull of some miracles.

~Last BUTT not least
Looking for a special gift for your lonely friend? I think this will do the trick.

If your bucking to having the best decorated house on your block this Christmas, make sure you don’t end up on this website.

This is a man’s world!

When you see me in the street solider, salute me!

This one is for all you who thinks Christmas stinks. If you have no sense of humor, do not click this link. If you do, Merry Christmas!

You may have noticed that I took my links section off the page. It was a mistake; I was mucking around with the layout and lost them. So instead of re-listing them, I’ll just make it a point to post a few on every entry.

You really should check this blog out on a daily basis. “The Number One Songs In Heaven” is the bomb. Some of the MP3 blog’s links up now are James Brown, Minnie Ripperton, George Benson, and Junior. Check them out and tell them I sent ya!