Thursday, April 07, 2005

Four Eleven-Disco D bootlegs himself!!

photo by Tatiana Arocha-

~Canhead’s new friend Disco D has something for you! In an attempt to give the people what they want, and pursue the American dream at the same time, Disco D has authorized the release of his upcoming album “Return To Olive Street-Best Of The Old Ish Vol. 1”. The ill part about it is he is doing this on his own website, sans record label interference! Talk about taking matters in your own hands! I guess D figured that everyone will get their hustle on off of his work anyway, so he might as well get some paper too! I don’t blame him one bit. (“Royalties come once in a blue moon, my son gonna be 2 soon!”)

Many are both sides of the MP3 war and some like Chuck D, fight the power by releasing their music themselves. Disco D’s motives aren’t as politically motivated. When asked about his reasons, D kept it real and said “I’m broke! These major labels take so damn long to pay. I’ll never move out of the basement at this rate. Something has to be done NOW! This is a last step before I turn to more drastic measures.”

I hear you duke! I tried that production route and house records don’t sell as much as they used to! But I don’t have to tell you that, being the Ghetto Tech man and all. Anyway, go show some love and support and order that new album off his website. Log on to the Disco Depot section and order your copy. Disco D will put his John Hancock in the CD along with a personalized message, all for $9.99.

Excerpt from press release

Named after the street in Ypsilanti, MI where Disco D built his chops via near-legendary house party sets, Return to Olive St. - Best of the Old Ish Vol. 1 is the quintessential primer to what D's musical mind was working on before he shifted his production focus to a more mainstream look. The 16-song set includes the Detroit mix show classics "Where They At" (1998) and "You Need Another Drink" (1999); raw mix tape records "Work That" (2001) and "I'm A Ho 2K1" (2001); and vinyl-only instrumental cuts like "Incomprehensible Representation of Self "(1999), "Subterranean Mode" (1999) and "Back2 Basics "(2001). Also included are D's first forays into combining Ghettotech with rappers - teaming with Detroit's Paradime on “Detroit Zoo” (2000); Helluva and Lola Damone on “Keys To The Whip”(2003); and Helluva again on “Peon” (2003). Dug out of the vault are the previously unheard Bass On Pluto (2002), Electro-Orchid (2002), and Hahn Solo (2002).

That’s what’s up. Go check Disco D’s site and tell him Canhead sent ya!

Order "Return to Olive St. - Best of the Old Ish Vol. 1" here!