Tuesday, April 05, 2005

GET OUT!!!!!!

Personal post:

I got this one from Silent Bob. Shout out to Killer Priest, Uncle Bob, Shrek and the rest of the meatball crew.

Taken from Shadowland Haunted Places webpage:

Albany County - Selkirk - GE Plastics -
The site of GE in Selkirk used to be the Becker farm. It is over 300 acres. The original farm house is still intact and was occupied on and off with offices until March of 2004. There had been many stories from employees on what they had seen or heard.

The story goes that Mr. Becker caught his wife having sex with one of the slaves. He took the slave and pushed him down a very narrow out of the way set of slave stairs and he died, he then took a knife and killed his wife by cutting her head off or attempting to anyway. He was so grief stricken about his wife having an affair and the fact that he killed her, he went to the basement and hung himself. When in the basement sometimes the lights will all blow out or other things will turn on and off. And when on the second floor where he supposedly killed his wife there is a strange smell, kind of like perfume. And when going up or down the slave stairs you get a strange sense of being watched or followed.

There are also motion detectors and intrusion alarms. some guards say there that sometimes they will go off, when the building is completely empty. And they will go off in a strange order, sometimes near the basement and then almost immediately near the stairs. Sometimes it appears as if someone is walking through. They will check the system to see who accessed the Becker House and see that no one has.

I use to work here, and this story was all over the plant. As a guard, I can tell you that place was creepy as hell! I remeber getting chills in that building several times and the thing about the motion decetors is true too.

Somebody better call GhostBusters!