Saturday, July 16, 2005

I Can't Wake Up!

Wicked dreams last night.

The kind that are so macabe and bizzare that your sub conscious is terrified but too involved in working out the nocturnal puzzle, that you can't wake up. Now I know what KRS-One must have been feeling when he wrote that song!

Anyway, it was all fragmented and disjointed....scenes of me driving a convertible, top down, in the desert with a woman totally naked in the front seat. We kept passing by truckers who would honk their horns and yell out the window. I have no idea who this Barbie doll looking chick is, or why she is in my car, or where the hell we are going. She kept jumping up and down and shaking her tits and waving, while I'm screaming sh!t like "Girl sit your ass down before you kill yourself" and "Put your top back on!".

Next thing I remember is being in a fight with some big azz dude and he is killing me. Knocking my teeth out, kicking my ribs in, and basically kicking my azz every which way but loose. Then I start getting the upper hand, until he decks me. I fall down and see a gun on the floor. I pick up the gun and stand up. When I do, I spit out like 4 teeth and point the gun at him. We both start laughing.

Other weird shit was going on, but it's all faded already. Tonight I'm taking sleeping pills so NO dreams will be present! Hopefully.