Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Until tomorrow...

What goes on party people! Man, I am soooo behind on everything, that it is starting to get critical over here. I guess that's a good thing, but damn, a brother is starting to get dizzy! It's got me adjusting my sleeping patterns and the whole 9! But have no fear, El Cuebase is here!

There are a ton of items I want to school you all on, so instead of writing a article, check the links below.


Did you hear about the new prequel to "Carlito's Way"? It's called "Carlito's Way, Rise To Power" and stars Jay Hernandez, Mario Van Peebles, Luis Guzman, and Sean Combs. I'll fill you in more as soon I get more info.

Speaking of Diddy, his newly signed group "Boyz N Da Hood", is off to a impressive start. Their new self-titled album has sold over 100K in it's first week out, and entered the Billboard chart in the number 5 spot! The video is killing it on BET and it looks like Jeezy, Duke , Block, Big G, and Jody Breeze will be here for a minute. I am working on a album review, and will keep you posted on dem boyz!

Boyz N Da Hood at interview link
Check out the new "Return of the Prodigal Sunn" album image on the sidebar! Also,check the animated CD commercial from Free Agency ! If you don't have that album yet, stop playing games and cop that! P Sunn is about to make some serious noise!
Big shouts to CP, Bennie aka "Obscene Hand Gesture" and the rest of the Headshots crew! I see you!

God’s Sandbox” looks interesting....

ATTN: Singers & songwriters! You may be interested in this one. is a new company offering ways to pitch your songs to majors. Check them out, you never know......
"Mochary Foundation Debuts Students Films About Teen Life in Miami on Its Website"

Some of the short films are pretty good! Nice project!
New online forum for audio-computer-tech canheads! Check out The Digital Doctor!

Until Tomorrow

Come, let me take you away,
on a journey
over ice clad hills and frozen streams
let us stop to light the fire one more
travel with me into the lowest valley
the sunken land still shimmering
from the cold wind, we seek shelter
we seek comfort, we seek something more
rise now as the ice forms on your brow
tread the miles into the light
of day
lift your head to see the eagle soar
new things realizing old things ways
together see the ancient faces
through clouded skies
past normal eyes
into treasured lands
unmeasured plans
Come, let me take you away

taken from the preface of "My Sanctuary", written by Jason Lammons.