Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Channel Zero

Whoa….today while drinking a Pepsi, smoking on a Camel lite (not) and dubbing a copy of the Lion King, it dawned on me. Subliminal messages are everywhere! It’s bad enough that we can’t escape advertising anymore. It’s not enough that the average person will watch 15,000 ads A DAY! No, instead they up the ante by taking the subliminal witchcraft to the internet!

It’s things like this that make me the conspiracy nut that my ex so loving calls me.(among other things) I’m not paranoid…they are watching and listening and hypnotizing! They are acting like Plankton did when he put the buckets over everyone’s head and made them try to kill Spongebob! They are trying to take over the world!

My boy Frat knows what I’m talking about. The Grand Deception is in full effect and instead of more heads talking about it in their songs, they act like Flav said. They are

“blind baby, they blind to the facts of who they are because they watching that garbage! Straight up garbage, pure garbage baby! Look! Don’t nobody live like that. Don’t nobody even look like that you know what I’m sayin!”


Dear KFC:

Recently, I noticed that your Chicken Capital USA advertisements are using the Lynard Skynard song, Sweet Home Alabama. As a Kentuckian, I find this disturbing. Have you disowned Kentucky? Are you now Alabama Fried Chicken?

Honorable Ernie Fletcher, Governor of Kentucky


Oh yeah, if your lucky, you might catch an episode of “Taken” on Sci-Fi, they are playing it again.

Let me just say this before some azz gets all excited, I'm joking with this post. Here is the link to Snopes before you all start emailing it back to me~~~