Saturday, April 16, 2005

MVD brings "The Big Band Feeling" back!

MVD keeps it rolling with their "Stars Of Jazz" DVD. They shine the spotlight on yet another jazz legend on their next release, "Duke Ellington The Big Band Feeling". The second installment brings several classic Ellington songs to the screen, with memorable performances by his famous Orchestra. Duke Ellington is a key figure in American music and this DVD serves as a brief introduction to those who may not know of his work.

The DVD features recordings from 1952, and includes two performances of Duke and His Orchestra. Some of his most memorable works are on this DVD, making it another must have DVD for jazz fans. "The Mooche" sounds just as good as ever, as does "Flamingo", "Mood Indigo" and the Jimmie Grissom lead "Solitude". (Trust the link!)

Knowing that this film would serve as education for years to come, he makes sure to introduce his entire Orchestra in "VIP's Boogie". The early video styling of "I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good" show Duke playing the lead male role while his un-credited girlfriends sings about how bad he is treating her. With her sitting on the window sill, looking out to the alley while Duke plays for the crowd, this looks like a early forecast to MTV, as if Duke knew how ahead of his time he really was. This DVD is a nice way to re-acquaint yourself with some of his music, if you haven't done so.

Songs presented on the DVD

Sophisticated Lady,
The Mooche
VIP's Boogie
Solitude, Mood Indigo
The Hawk Talks
I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good
Bli Blip
C Jam Blues (Hot Chocolate)

Pay Clint and the guys at MVD a visit! I have another one from them to review..stay tuned!


I found this (1st) link when I entered "Stars Of Jazz" DVD in Google News (he he). Hey Katharine, guess what happens when you enter Miles Davis in Google News. Try it, you'll like it!

Anyway, while researching the series, I found another (2nd) link which I should have posted in that (1st) link. The (2nd) link is a MVD webpage with a video clip from the "Stars Of Jazz" series featuring Miles Davis. Cool clip, cool dvd, cool Google News trick.


Anonymous said...

My goodness. It surprises me that came up first. Thanks for pointing it out, though! You've sent some traffic my way.