Sunday, April 10, 2005

Lovers and Friends and more missed hits

What's happening party people? It's El Q back in the driver's seat, revving up the engines and getting ready for the upcoming week. It should be a very interesting one at that, as there are a ton of things lined up.

The Lil Jon AOL show at Webster Hall is Tuesday night. Then on Thursday, Nelly rolls in Madison Squard Garden with Fat Joe and TI. If all goes well, I will bring back details from both events for you, maybe a picture or two.

And of course my personal life is a work in progress of sorts. Its like when your reading the end of a chapter and you know where it's going so you skip a few pages so you can see what happens to our hero, when he finally moves to LOS ANGELES like he has been threatening to do for a year. Something like that. But it will take a lot more than that to stop the Canhead machine! Stayed tuned for more exclusive interviews, DVD reviews("Rockers" is coming to Canhead!),
weblinks, and personal notes from your boy Q!

Oh yeah..I did the dumb shit the other and posted evey Lil Jon link but THE Lil Jon link. Sorry folks.

“Lovers and Friends” ecard:

"Lovers and Friends" (explicit) – Windows High -

"Lovers and Friends" (explicit) – Quicktime High -

"Lovers and Friends" (explicit) – Windows Lo -

"Lovers and Friends" (explicit) – Quicktime Lo -

"Real N***a Roll Call" video E-CARD -

"What U Gon' Do" Video e-card -

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