Monday, April 11, 2005

Let The Girl Go!

It took me a while but Saturday night I finally saw "Sin City". I gotta say, it's a hell of a movie. I never read the comics (I know, I lost a few points for that one) but you don't really need to read a single panel of the comics to see how amazing this movie is. But it is one of those movie that will lose you if you don't pay attention, or have the comic as a cheat sheet.

Visually, it is the first to make the viewer feel that we are indeed watching a comic book. Spider-Man 2 came close, but the semi black and white look of "Sin City" really helps enhance the comic book feel. Everyone is great in the movie with Mickey Rourke giving us one of his best performances ever, Bruce Willis playing the hero who get the shaft, Esquire magazine's coverboy Benico Del Toro as a David Byrne-less talking head and a few of my favorite actresses making sure I would not take my eyes off the screen.

Rosario's body is so loco!! DAMN!
However, "Sin City" is not without it's shortcomings, in my opinion. First of all, I love Tarintino films. His influence is all over this one, with the plot skipping all over the timeline. Normally, this works for Mr. T, who was called on to help this little flick along. This time, it backfires on him. With so much going on in this movie it is really hard to keep up, especially if you have not read the comic book. By the time they came back around to the begining story, I don't know who was who. The yellow guy appears and it took me a minute to realize he was the first scene's bad guy, somehow transformed into a light bulb looking freak after getting shot the fuck up by Bruce Willis.

I saw through the script a few times too. As soon as Clive Owen's charater jumps outta of Brittney Murphy's window, I knew he was on his way to fight Jackie Boy (Benicio Del Toro). I guessed that they were going to get all Charlize Theron "Monster" on us and sure enough, Jackie Boy is a cop. I figured the set up scene as soon as Michael Clarke Duncan and the boys are in position as it was the only way to solve the problem. Still, I was diggin the movie and proud of my plot guessing abilities.(I really think I could write this stuff!)

The other thing is the movie is a little long. Again, I normally like movies that are longer than the average 90 minutes, but this was long and I got lost in the plot. Not good. (Can someone do something about those theater chairs! If the new trend is going to be longer movies, make sure tall dudes with so-so circulation don't walk out of your flick to regain feeling in their toes by installing about 4 more inches of cushion in those stadium seats!)

And when the movie ended on the farm and Elijah Wood didn't eat Willis and Alba like he did Goldie, I felt like they should have gave me a call before releasing this one. My comments might have helped a little----"Loose 20 minutes of it. Make Elijah's character say something, he talked his ass off for 3 "LOTR" movies....on second thought keep him quiet. Somebody needs to make Rosario's top come off "accidently" like Janet at the SuperBowl..etc, etc.---- At the least, I would have had Wood kill Willis so he didn't have to. (Don't want to spoil it for you)

All in all, I like the movie and will buy the DVD, if only for the deleted scenes of Rosairo Dawson and Dark Angel's Jessica Alba.(mmmmm..Rosairo & Jessica....mmmmm) But "Sin City" did have me antsy by the time it ended. By the time it was almost over, I was like, "Come on, we know what happens next, Willis dies, the girl lives...great flick...I can't feel my butt!"

Dumbest line in "Sin City":

"Let the girl go"--Bruce Willis
Anytime I hear that line in a movie, I repeat it in a mentally challenged voice, like Damon Wayan's "Blankman" charater, really loud. It always gets laughs from the audience and it didn't fail me Saturday night either. You know how us black folks can be in a movie theater! Heckling the screen and what not= good times!

Brendon, Amelia and McMullen thought it was bad ass too.

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